Back to original view after Highlight Procedure

When your are reviewing your code (specially if it is extense), Highlight Procedure is a fantastic tool that helps a lot in finding where the procedure blocks are located on the blocks screen.
Most of the times you want the blocks screen to temporary show the highlighted procedure, and then you need to get it back to the original view (where there is the block calling the procedure where you clicked on Highlight procedure) to follow reviewing the code thread.

Up to now, you could use the right click and Undo feature to get back to the original view. And it worked fine (unless you have zoomed the screen view after highlighgting. Then you'll get to a different place on the screen).

But now, if you Undo, you no longer get back to the original view, but the last change you did in the blocks is reverted.

May be it's a good thing.
But, would it be possibe to have both tools, and diferentiate between Undo (for the changes in the blocks) and have a new function to "Get back to the previous view before Highlighting a procedure?



Great idea.
Since this isn't a bug, could you please change it the Category to General Discussion?

Sorry for the mistake

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No problem!
Your idea is reallyyyyy easy to implement, since ==1$ exists...

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