Back button working without procedures?

Hi, we have a big application and we have over 30 arrangements which we make visible and invisible to thet user depending on what they press on. They are too numerous for us to use the back button with procedures. How can we make the back button work with other ways?

Hello Giannis

I’m sure you understand what you need to do, but you haven’t told us, so there is no advice we can give.

Please describe what you want to happen when the back button is pressed.

Is this an app, or is it a pamphlet?

I hope you are not building your data into your components!

See Ultimate Scorekeeper - Google Docs
for one approach.

I have several arrangements and all of them are invisible except one. When someone presses a button, one of the previously invisible arrangements is made visible and the former visible is made invisible. That is done several times and with different arrangements. I want to make the back button go to set the arrangement that was made invisible, again visible and the other invisible. So that the user can go back to the arrangement he was before.

You can do that with an UNDO/redo arrangement stack.
Make a global list, initially empty.

Each time you make an Arrangement Visible, insert its component at slot 1 of the arrangement stack.
When the Back button is pushed, check if there are at least 2 items in the arrangement stack.
If there is an arrangement there at item 2,

  • make the current Arrangement (item 1) Invisible, and
  • remove item 1 from the arrangement stack (optionally add to a Redo stack),
  • make the new item 1 Visible.

Sample doc: Kakuro Helper V01 - Google Docs