Azure db connection to app inventor app

I know it is possible to connecht to firebase, but i am buiding an application on a backend azure databse. Is this connechtion possible? How?


What are the connection / access options for Azure. Is there a RESTful api or similar ?

Thank you for a quick answer.
I am building an application where users will store data in a azure database and data store by other users will be retrieved in queries and displayed in the application. I am not familiar with using databases in my aplications but as i see in the internet azure has a restapi.

Azure SQL Database REST API reference | Microsoft Learn

Hope this answers your question.

Well, it appears to be using an SQL database (MS SQL - not MySQL ?), so you may be able to connect directly to it, otherwise use the REST api?

Thank you i just wanted to know it is possible.

This is the component you would use in AI2 to submit your REST requests.

The hard work is in knowing what to build into those requests from the Microsoft docs.

I want to contact my azure sql db with 10 parameters. as i understand you the hard work is making the queries (views) in the database. Is it not possible to use the firebasedb function in app inventor on other databases than firebase?
You mentioned a direct connechtion without api?

The Firebase component is for Firebase only. In any case, Firebase is a different type of database to MS SQL.

You will need to research access to the database on Azure.

Have you tried the AI2 Google Sheet component?