AWS Version of AppInventor?

I recently Saw the AWS Version of AppInventor, i also noticed that its the latest version as well.
How can i deploy GCE Version to AWS? As far as i know the Datastore won’t work right?

Some Info Would be Useful,

Hi @Abhijith_Dominic,

The version that runs on AWS has a completely different backend from the GAE version. It speaks the same wire protocol as the GWT version, but the backend is implemented on top of Ceph distributed across multiple servers for redundancy. If you wanted to implement something similar the best place to start would be to roll your own implementation of the StorageIo interface and use that in place of ObjectifyStorageIo (which talks to the GCP Datastore and GCS).

You will also have to roll your own auth as the open source version relies on a Google App Engine API call to handle the user identity. There is a email/password workflow that we provide in the open source repo, but you’ll have to configure it to work with a mail provider (or run your own but that’s a whole other challenge).


I have made all the other changes. So Is StorageIo the only thing that needs to be modified?
Is the Source of AWS Version Available?


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I believe that is where the bulk of the work is, yes. If you were planning to offer the gallery as a feature you'd have to implement its storage as well. The design was done such that different backend storage could be used (a different API, internal to Google, was used back when the project was there).

It is not.


Thanks for the Info. :+1: