Average and Roundup calculation

Hello everyone and thank you in advance .

I need to make an app , that the user inputs 11 numbers and gets the average of them.( 3 times as you see in the image ) afterwards it makes some sums but I think I will find how to do it through the tutorial . Can someone show me , how to get the fist average (BASE OVR ) , and I ll try to make the rest.

Also , is it possible to roundup this number in app inventor ?

Thanks again

Here are some pieces you can use ...


It depends on how Average is to be calculated. Often, the highest and lowest numbers are removed as they can have too much influence on the result. Anyway, the basic method is sum of all values divided by total number of values. So, you could have 11 Text Boxes for the User to enter numbers (also possible to use just 1, 11 times).

So, something like this:

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Amazing !!!!

Thank you both , very much !!!

I made it and it works !!!! one last (i hope) question .

i need to enable a switch to make a calculation which is :

switch enabled --> [(textbox 1 text - textbox2 text) *11] +1 , and have the result in a textbox .
i also need it to return to hint , when i close the switch . Can you help please?

edit : i found it ,i only need to hide the result when i close the switch

Something like this:


Chris, we only need to remove those observation(s) which we found them to be Outlier(s), since mean is sensitive to outlier.

or it is for some other context.

The context is your typical survey collected digitally, especially when supporting the advertising of products. Outliers become results the vendor does not want and hence their removal can be a dishonest method of 'massaging' statistics.

Yes, but for having honest statistical report we can mentions in final report about the removal of outliers, since presence of values which is/are very far from centrally concentrated data set, will not produce great meaningful result. Mean might be more deviated.

I was just curious about knowing the benefit of removing boundary values [highest and lowest].

Sorry, if I didn't read correctly. Thanks

Chris thank you again for all your help so far .

I need some more please :stuck_out_tongue:

I need every time the button that calculates the average is pressed , to read changes in the list by user .
For example now : if a user inputs “4 4 2 2” and presses button it returns “3”. If I change 4 with five and press the button i need the new Average of 4 5 2 2

Sorry for my English

That's simple - when the Calculation Button is tapped, clear the Total variable first:


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