Automaticly close Spinner selection

If no selection is made after a certain period of time elapses when the dropdown menu of the Spinner object is opened, how can I close it?
I tried to show a notification when the time is over or set the "selectionIndex".
Is there a way to solve this?

try this extension (Zhangzqs' DialogAnything) to make your own Spinner:

I tried a few things, but the spinner selections dialog will not go away unless it is physically touched, or the modal area outside the dialog is touched, or the Back key is pressed.

An extension that handles key events may solve this....


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If you want to avoid extensions, use a Button and a temporarily Visible ListView in conjunction with a special purpose Clock Timer that hides the ListView after the required time interval.

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With full credit to @Kumaraswamy a little extension that will close a spinner:


this method is better than the previous one.

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