Automatically click button again

Hi there,

Is it possible to make a button click the same button again automatically?
I want to use it to make a calculation from a list when it's not valid it clicks again.


Hello Luuk
It is not possible to make a Button 'click' with code Luuk. Use a Procedure in your original Button.Click instead of your existing code perhaps; then use a Clock to check whether you have a valid value and if not, call the Procedure again. Why not possible? A Button does not have a Method to 'click' and evoke the Click event handler; so use a Procedure instead. Defining Procedures

What have you tried? How you construct your Blocks and check for valid values in your List determines exactly what you need to do.

Re-read Programming Your App to Make Decisions for ideas showing how to use the If..then blocks to determine what is valid and then decide what to do.

Try coding some Blocks; then show what you tried and if you still have issues someone will probably give you some specific advice.

Thank you! A procedure did the trick!