Automatic start minute and hour count

Even today I would like to make some of my very basic blocks available, not being a professional programmer.

As I have already written other times, I am still able, with the help of the forum and the network, to create Apps that fill me with satisfaction.

That's enough for me for now, I hope to be able to monetize them one day, if I can.

So, for all the help that is offered to me for free in this forum, I make these blocks available to everyone.

To help those like me who have found themselves faced with the creation of a timer for minutes or hours.

I explain better.
If you want to activate any operation at the end of a certain hour or certain minutes, my blocks will solve the problem for you.

The file .aia is complete, you just have to move the blocks inside your code.

I'll explain how I used it in my elementarity from (Lamer).
The yellow label is used to mark the time which will be compared with the time entered in the time space.

While for the minutes, just enter them and the count will start which will be displayed in the label on the right, the same thing will happen for the time. Try it and you will understand.
I don't think you will encounter any problems, but just in case, write them down and I will try to clarify them.
Time Repeat.aia (8.2 KB)

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