Automatic selection spinner

Hi guys, good morning.

I need to make an app. In it I need to load a .csv file with states and their respective cities. When a state is selected in the spinner, we automatically load the cities of this state in another spinner, I don't know, it was clear. Can someone help me?

See here, should give you some ideas...

This idea is what I want to do, but I need the list to be made from a csv file.

You need to work with your csv, to convert into List of Lists, and cascade your ListPicker as you are doing now.

Here is some sample code for loading multiple csv files at startup, as part of a project I had lying around ...

To get a table of all US states and cities, I suggest the US Census Bureau.
would need a spreadsheet program for conversion to CSV format.
I had LibreOffice lying around, so I tried a single column copy, to get full CSV text I could paste into NotePad for upload into your Project's Media folder.

Here is a sample project with table filtering ...

Try this:

cascadeSpinner.aia (3.2 KB)

This is how you can achieve this,

Here, is the CSV file

And, here is your cascading result,

StateCityCascade.aia (64.5 KB)