Automatic scroll of listview

Hi. We have now tried all suggestions we've found on the forums and elsewhere on the net. The result is the same, the automatic scrollbottom does not scroll the listview automatically all the way down. We have the listview inside a VerticalScrollArrangment and call the VerticalScrollHandler.ScrollBottom. We see that listview is scrolled but not all the way down. We have experimented on changing percentage and pixels of both VSA and Listview with no luck. Since we are using the VSA/Listview in a chat module, the result is also that when inserting a message in the listview, it is not visible before manually scrolling. We appreciate any help/suggestion included other extensions or technique.

You could reverse your list, so that the latest message is at the top ?

You should ensure that your listview is always bigger in height than the the vertical scrolling arrangement. Here is one method:

Thank you! WE will go for the reverse method.