Automatic file sharing

Good morning all,

I would like to automatically send a jpg file from my phone to google drive or a web server without going through a dialog window. Is that possible ?

Thank you so much.

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There will need to be an event of some kind to start the process.

Decide which way you want to go (Google drive / web server) then we can look at the process.

I prefer send the picture to a web server on my raspberry

This is one way:

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Thank you @TIMAI2,
I will test that.
And how can I do to transfer on Google Drive for an other file ?

Google things…

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I used the tutorial: UPDATED! HOWTO - Upload Any File to Google Drive!
I have a problem with the example application: SimpleExample_UploadAnyFileToGD_blank
That finds my file well, I created a google script identical to that specified in the tutorial but it does not work.
Should I make changes to this script other than the ID of my folder?

Are you sure you have done these two things? :

  1. Remember to publish and create a new version each time you change something in the script. The script should run as the owner of the google account, and be accessible to “anyone,even anonymous”

  2. Get the URL to the web app script when you publish, to use in your blocks

Yes i do all this !

Is the target folder owned by the same google account owner of the script (e.g. you and you)?

Yes it is the same account

I have just retested the exact same project here, and it works fine.

Probably need to have a look at your blocks and script