Automatic call app

I aim to develop an application capable of retrieving pollution levels from an Arduino device and transmitting this data to the app. In the event of high pollution levels, the app will feature a button programmed with various logic sequences, each associated with different time slots. Upon detecting high pollution, the app will check the current time within the high pollution period and automatically select an available doctor, initiating a call without requiring the user to manually click the button. is that possible and if so how can i do it?

Welcome Salma

I think you need to be more specific.

When your phone goes to sleep it will not be able to automatically make a call unless you use a background extension.

Possible if you have excellent Arduino and App Inventor coding skills. You might use Open Source • Background Tasks: Itoo and need to send an sms (text0 message instead of an actual phone call.

A simple App Inventor air pollution monitor not using Arduino might be useful.