Autocomplete Textbox (Textbox into search)

I'm using AutocompleteBox extention
and it's working when I'm creating List,

BUT I would Like take data from GSheet (SHOP sheet)

I tried this but not working:

What is stopping you ?

  • download the range from the sheet
  • convert csv row from google sheet to AI2 list
  • set list to Autocomplete block

Also move autocomplete set after the loop


why need to remove AutocompleteBox extention?
I would like on textbox when you type it should display List column from Gsheet (in my case SHOP sheet)

Also i tried this:



Who said remove extension ?


Still missing something ;(

(Post deleted....)

No, block are good. Did you get result or not?

If using gviz on a google sheet column, you will probably get back a list of lists. You will need to iterate over this list to get each of the items to another list.

Can I advise that you always look at your responseContent in a label, to see what is being returned, then you can take action/add blocks, in order to correctly handle the response.

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TIMAI2 Thank you so much! it 's working

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