Autocomplete list issue

I tested autocompletebox, as you can see from the image below, textbox1 has individual element for the list and textbox2 uses "split text at". I thought they would produce the same results, but they don't. On device, textbox1 has 2 elements "1" and "2" as expected, but textbox2 has only one element "(1,2)". Can anyone help to solve this problem? Thanks

@Studio_WHY do like this


split block returns a list so you don't have to make a list

Thanks a lot, that works.

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Your code would've returns a nested list, which is why it doesn't work:
[[1, 2]] (Do It result).

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Thanks. Just retried using app inventor lately.

Sorry, but you've marked the wrong solution, you should've marked @Jinx's post instead...

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