Auto send whstapp or mail on particular time for pdf

I want to create 10 PDF report (without saving in SD card)w from the Table viewer from google sheet in 10 virtual vertical arrangement. Then want to send it by morning 10 AM as auto sent to particular email id and particular number on WhatsApp... without using any button by activity starter or by other mean. Is possible? Please suggest. If yes then how can be block arranged?

These are several tasks and almost everything should be doable.

You need a solution to create a pdf, there are extensions available for this, however I think, you will have to store the pdf before being able to send it... just delete it after sending again... to do it automatically in the background is a task for itoo...

To send something daily at a specific time use the alarmmanager extension with itoo integration together with a mail extension, for example App Inventor Extensions: Mail | Pura Vida Apps

To send something via WhatsApp without user interaction is probably not possible? Or probably am extension is able to do it, which uses WhatsApp professional? Someone else might know more...