Auto scroll in textbox

can you share the project here, maybe we can debug it for u

Is label scrollable?

If you put it inside a vertical scrolling arrangement it is

And how does that help?

It makes it scrollable

What about the auto scroll?

As suggested earlier, reverse your log so that the last item appears at the top

Most logs appear top to bottom though.

then you need an extension to scroll the arrangement by code. (maybe also with clock)

If you want to do it the hard way, perhaps try this extension:

Which offers label scrolling and programmable scrolling methods

I found this extension (paid):

Where is the block that lets you set scrolling method?

What are you referring to ? Which extension or other thing ?


If you read the documentation you will see the blocks and the description for them

Which block is it? I cannot find it.

You could show just the last 5 or so items in your log list, and relocate that display window further up using the usual controls (buttons, slider, canvas).

Thanks kevinkun. This is exactly what I was looking for.

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