Auto resizing sprites in aspect to the physical screensize of the tablet

It looks to me, as if since 2.Feb.2020 something changed in the behavior of auto resizing sprites which are defined in pixel notation. Sprites on a fixed sized screen (512 x 320 ) are no longer resized in aspect to the physical size of the tablet (1900 x 1200 ).as it used to be. I append screenshots. The right part of the picture is from my app compiled on 2.Feb.2020. The left part is from my app compiled today 8.Feb.2020. Could this be a problem with appinventor? Tablet Samsung A 2016, Android 8.1

What sizing do you have set for:

The Screen (fixed or responsive)
The Canvas - Automatic or Percentage or Pixels
The ImageSprites - Automatic or Percentage or Pixels


Screen fixed, Canvas in percentage, Sprites in pixel notation, say 50 x 50 pixels or so.

If you can share the project with us we can run some tests to see what might be causing the problem.

It is a rather big App with several screens and for the upload manager the aia file was to big.
I had to to reduce the app and made same mistakes, it is rather late in Germany, but from my point of view this reduced aia-file gets the same problem as the original app. The sprites are too small to fill the screen.

MAT_Auto_resizing.aia (3.8 MB)