Auto login to a web-portal with saved access token using WebViewer component

Okay... This is an open question because I don't know where to search.

Is it possible to use the WebViewer component and, first save, then use the user access token to regain access to a website?
The webpage in question could be this:
There are several identification methods on the site!

My goal is to make autologin when opening the URL in WebViewer.

Br Teddy

Does the website have a remember me checkbox? If so, the webviewer should store cookies to allow the login to persist. This works for a google account sign up in the native webviewer.

We have three options for login.

  1. Students (Unilogin)
  2. Parents (MitID)
  3. Direct with the service provider

1 and 3 are working perfectly with the idea from @TIMAI2 :smiley:
2 MitID is different? mitID is't a government-citizen login, so probably not much can be done about it.

Thanks :innocent:

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