Augmented Reality, app inventor 2 and companion release

Hello guys, I was searching info and SW to realize augmented reality apps and I found an old post about saying that is not supported anymore. Because I was little bit curious I found that the website is still active and I would like to make a little test, just to see how it works. But I have the problem I need the companion rel. 2.52 or 2.52u that I do not have.

  1. Is there a place where I may find companion old versions?
  2. Does exist a different/new tool or anything else that may be used instead of this to realize augmented reality apps in AI2?

That site was set up by an MIT student for Google Summer of Code or something similar. It is not recommended to use it. It is not supported anymore.

Search the community for augmented relaity / AR related topics

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I would just like to follow this up by saying that we did have a GSOC student start working on the Android implementation of this functionality. The goal is to eventually release both versions but that server only supports iOS, and only a very specific companion version that was never published in the store, since it was intended for research.

Ah ok, so I could not be able to build an apk for Android. Well, I was just curious because I like a lot AI2, if you will update and release an Adroid version I will be interested to see and test it. I am interested in iOS too but I did not evelop any app for iOS but seems that I have to start. At the moment I would be interested to find a way or an extension to write text and draw images over the camera view when it is active as camera and/or as barcode reader (on Android).

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