Audiostream stop when black display

Thanks for the answer but the link will not work.
Hope you can still help me.
I try also to find your topic via the search function but didn't find the topic.
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Search for audio sleep

Thanks again for your answer.
I notice that I will need the

I have registered there but my login is still pending.
I will need it now.
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direct download link removed and replaced by community link
only the author of an extension is allowed to provide a direct download link
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Thanks for your answer.
Can you post here an example how I can solve such a foreground service.
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Thanks for your answer.
Is it possible that you can send me the appinventor code witht the foreground service that I can do so my own streaming app.
Or you can tell me the blocks I need for this foreground service.
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I will ask again if someone can informe how I can implement such a foreground service in appinventor.
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This ?

Thanks for your answer.
Does there exist also a free solution or how can I solve this direct in appinventor because I need this for a school and there I will get no financial help.
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Yes, this extension also offers a Foreground service. But I kept having problems with my tests. I took a different approach. However, I still have to clarify how I do it so that the Manifest does not have to be adjusted afterwards.

Note: Background tasks have no effect on idle (sleep) mode:

Thanks for the answers.
I am still not able to login at kodular. So I cannot download any files from there.
Hope someone can still help me how I can solve this problem.
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Try it:

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Thanks a lot for your answer.
When I want to start the keepaliveservice I will get the following error:

Neither user 10202 nor current process has android permission wake_lock.

Hope someone can still help here.
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What android? Because I do not have this error on android9. Did you download and compile the sample application?
UrsKeepAliveServiceTest.aia (612.3 KB)


Thanks for your answer.
yes I have tried the test. I have load the aia in my projects.
What do you mean with compile the sample application?
I use an huawei mate 10 pro with android 10. There I will get the error.

Build an application. I also get this error when working with a companion. After compiling the application, i.e. creating the APK file, it is ok.

Thanks for your answer.
It works.
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this is a very :muscle: useful hint.
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