Audio si ferma quando va in standbu

Ciao a tutti
Ho creato un app per la mia radio dove e possibile ascoktare, appunto, la radio usando TaifunPlayer ma quando il telefono va in standby l'audio si ferma come mai?

When your phone goes into standby mode it is doing so to preserve battery power, so no surprise that the audio stops by default.

The extension has a Block "Play Only In Foreground" - if you have used that Block, make sure it is set to False.

It is possible that there are settings on your phone that determine when audio should be on, that's worth checking out.

Questo blocco dove dovrei inserirlo?

If you are not already using the block, you don't need it. You can either use the extension that will allow your App to play in the Background, or you can add a Clock Timer block to periodically display an empty Notifier, to keep the App in the foreground (but at the cost of battery power). The Clock Timer interval should be set to be a tiny bit shorter than the phone takes to go into standby.

scusami mi puoi spiegare come utilizzare l'estensione con qualche esempio?

I'm afraid I do not have that extension. You can ask the Extension developer though - explain your application.

Dear Massimiliano,
if you don't mind to have the display always on, while the radio is playing, you can use another @Taifun's extension to keep the screen alive.
The extension(s) can be found on :face_with_hand_over_mouth:
and the specific one is "Taifun Tools":
Within the tools that Taifun has inserted in this .aix file, you'll find the block called
Normally you can call this block in the "When screen1.initialize" event, so for the whole time in which your app is running the screen remains on and the app does not go to sleep.
If it is not clear I can write you in Italian by PM (:blush:) but since the forum is international and everybody can get hints by reading the post, I have written this answer in (my poor) English.

Ciao, Ugo.

PS Before feeling lost: always take a sight on @Taifun's extensions site :muscle: :muscle: :muscle:

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