Audio Recorder screen

I'm looking for an aia file of an audio recorder that also gives the graphical representation on the screen and that can save the sound and graphic in a file or in separate files Who can help me please

For your first sentence,

Use these blocks.

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Hai ,

Tanks for the info , can you tell me what you mean in " add block to show the graphical representation " and how this can work

@Erwin_Meyvaert Basically you add the blocks to fulfill your second sentence in that when SoundRecorder1.AfterSoundRecorded event.

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Perhaps this will help ?

So do we need to request audio permission?

this is what i have in mind
I'm now looking for several or an aia files to bring this together into a whole project
I would like to start with record and stop buttons and screen picture

Yes, I know it :slightly_smiling_face:

To save a sound, use these:


To share a sound to other apps, use these:


To start or stop recording, use these:


Altogether, they make this:

But I don't know how to do the graphical stuff.

Il codice lo hai..adesso ci vuole anche un po di impegno..non ti sembra?

I know, but I'm still looking for the graphics part
In any case, thanks for the effort already made
If anyone can help with the graphics part I'd really appreciate it

Check this

I didn't realize that @dora_paz.

is this spanish?