Attempt to get item number 2 of a list of length of 1

this error keeps coming out when i press buttons like

im making a calendar with buttons that display the date

when pressing the arrow button this runtime error keeps showing up and i dont really understand why. I didnt make the calendar myself cuz i imported it from another guy who did it already so i dont really know how the blocks work exactly.

You will need to debug your app. Somewhere you are asking for a second item from a list that only has one item.

Let's start with that Web request.

What were you expecting back, and what were you going to do with it?

Your Web1.GotText event code is pure rubbish.

Also, you assume global result is a table with at least 2 items in every row.
Prove it.

yeah this was the problem, I copied some YouTube tutorials to get data from a google spreadsheet. I think I absent-mindedly put it there, I've removed it. thanks

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