Attemping to create a character customizable app


I'm trying to create an app where you can go through different options of clothing, hairstyle, skin tone, etc but I'm having trouble figuring out how exactly I can make it so that when a hairstyle, skin tone, or clothing is clicked, it adds on to a figure I would set above the options. So I wanted to ask, is there a way when I press an option it adds on to the human figure? I've tried using other topics to help me but they aren't doing what I'm trying to replicate completely

Examples of apps I'm trying to create/ replicate in my own way are (not from the MIT app inventor):

  • Pastel Girl
  • Dolify
  • 3D Avatar Creator | Bemoji

I hope what I am saying makes sense :slight_smile:


Don't expect 3D on AI2.

You can stack Sprites with different pictures on a Canvas.
That's it.

Set your standards to Victorian paper cutout dolls.

Oh ok, thank you for the heads-up. I will change my idea to what I am available to :+1:t4:


The 2D technique is simple - the body can be a drawing on a Canvas, and all the items are sprites. The trick is this - let's say you have a choice of 3 hairstyles. You would have 3 sprites for that, and they are all put in exactly the right position - but 2 of the 3 are hidden (invisible). Same goes for other items.

In the Blocks, make a Blocks List for each set of items. When an item is selected for change (maybe image buttons on your GUI), the code just needs to know the item type. All items of that type are made invisible via an "any component" loop, then the selected item is made visible.

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Also, you might want to adjust the z index of sprites so that one lies on top of the other, e.g. coat over shirt.

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Ok, got it-I will do that, thank you to both of you for your assistance :slight_smile:

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