Attaching time Past to list picker

is there any way to have the list picker sync to the days? So that it will say 7 weeks ago, a month ago, a day ago, etc.

That sounds like something you would do in the List Picker's Before Picking event, using Clock1.Now() to feed your date formatting logic.

ok! and how exactly would I attach to clock to it?

see the documentation of the Clock component here Sensors

and try the AddWeeks, AddMonths, AddDays method
protip: you also can add negative values...


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do you mind showing code or a link to a tutorial for attaching the clock to it?

when btnEnter Click

and how do I know it has logged overtime? as in, how do I know it was saved over hours, and days?

For long term logging, use TinyDB ...

I don't really know if I said this right but I'm trying to show the number of days past since you wrote the text you submit, how do u do that? Or is this how you do it because I don't really see a difference and it saying wrote a week ago etc. I don't mean to come off as rude:)

Example: "wrote a week ago" and it would show the text was written a week ago

I also wanted to note, the entries are being saved in the list picker!!

This Gallery app calculates the difference between two dates in days.

My log examples included a date in front of each entry, and the Clock can be used to get today's date.