Attach all files from a folder to an email

Hello, I'm working on an app that saves some info daily on a csv and once in a month the user has to send all that info my mail. I've tried to attach all the files from the folder using this blocks:

The outlook app launches and the mail is created but it wont attach any files.
And if there is any option to create a .zip with the files it would be even a better option.

Thank you very much

The TaifunFile.List method only lists the file names (including path) of a folder if this folder and/or the non-media files contained therein can be accessed. If the files themselves are to be attached to an e-mail, they must first be zipped and then attached (if a certain size limit is observed).

For access rights (Android 11+) see here:

So show the folder (path) and how many files and file types are there. Also show the size of these files. As far as media files are concerned, these are hardly compressible. You only have access to non-media files on Android 11+ if the files were created by the app itself. Otherwise you have to use SAF.

So my app creates the files on a subfolder on the Shared Documents folder. They are only csv files. How can i compress them, and how can I send the compressed file? They are between 30-32 files and of just a few lines of text so size is not a problem. The path would be something like: /storage/emulated/0/Documents/Folder/Subfolder_month_year/

Thank you

Use TaifunZip extension:

Use the Sharing component or an email extension.

Thank you very much, I've used the extension and the zip is created perfectly. But when i want to send the mail an error occurs.
The error:
Bas arguments to SendMail
The operation SendMail cannot accept the arguments: ,[""],[""],[""],["Fichaje Gon san Mes: 07_2023"],["Archivos adjuntados"],[""]

So what I see is that the zip_file variable is empty, why is that if I'm giving it the value from the extension?

This are the blocks.

So I've seen that the AfterZip block was incorrect and the set block has to go before the call, but even like that the error continues.

I forgot that the attachments have to be a list.

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