At what speed does the sprite move 10 px in y direction

I wanted to know At what speed does the sprite move 10 pixels in y-direction
thank you

It is all there in the documentation:

Technically there are 3 pieces of information you would need to compute this: heading, interval, and speed.

Heading is the direction of movement. If the sprite is moving only along the X axis, for example, then it will never move 10px in the Y direction. Heading is measured in degrees from the +X axis, so if you want to move 10 px in the Y direction you would want to specify a heading of 90 to move toward the top of the screen.

Interval is the next piece of information and is specified in milliseconds. Every interval milliseconds the sprite will move by speed pixels. Therefore, the speed to move 10px will be a function of the interval you choose and how much time you want it to take to move that far.

Thank you @TIMAI2 @ewpatton I had to just set the speed at 10.
But now, when I long-press the button (touch down) at the start for a second or so the sprite moves like a glitch effect but after that, it moves rather smoothly.
Is that because of the interval?
and is there a way to solve this issue ?
Thanks again!