Assistance passing info from one screen to another

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I have had a look at similar topics and have already managed to do this but struggling to take it further...

On Screen2 I have four checkboxes named 19,20,21 and 22. Depending on which one is selected the others are made not to be selected.

I want to pass the text of these checkboxes depending on which one is selected, so if 19 is selected then pass the text of 19 and if 21 is selected then pass the text of 21 etc...

These are to be passed to Entrance_Pass screen...

On Entrance_Pass screen I already have a Listview which elements are populated from a start value from Screen2 and the pic below is how I achieve that...

Screenshot 2022-01-28 134553

How can I add the text of 19,20,21 or 22 to the listview depending on which checkbox is selected. I I can be shown an example I should be able to do the rest and rename them properly... Thanks in advance


Essentially, add the text (19 etc) to the original list or text string used to populate the ListView. Clear the ListView with the "create empty list" block, then re-populate it with the updated data.

Concerning your code for multiple check boxes, check out :grin: the "any component" Blocks.

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Thanks... will have a look... :sunglasses:

See here: