Assignment help - very basic

Hi all,

I'm completely new to App Inventor and have very little to no idea about coding. Can someone help me with my computer science assignment?

Thanks :blush:

@kamrann3 I'd be happy to. I'm in AP CSP. #4 tells the sprite Goofy face to increase its x-length,(width) by 40 pixels. #5 tells the sprite to move to the edge of the canvas at a random x-y value in the list. The list has 5 items, and each one would be a different coord on the canvas width. I'm not sure about #3; it could be telling the sprite to move up (y-coord) by half, that is the y-coord is divided in half, and to the left by half along the x-axis. Us this website if you want to learn more. For me, I'm just trying to find some bugs in my browser app. Hope this helps


Thank you so much! Appreciate the help.

And on #5 doesn't the list have 8 items? because it says random integer from 1 to 8.

Yeah it does. The problem text is small on my chromebook. Pardon that.

Haha no problem, thanks.

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