Assigning projects to a Gallery Studio?

The new App Inventor Gallery functionality for grouping projects into Studios is exciting, especially for those of us who teach classes on the use of App Inventor. However, though I have succeeded in creating a studio and I can see/edit the studio properties (via my "account information"), I can't see any way to assign a project to a studio: there's no button, menu-item, or link in either the project editor nor in the view of "my projects" that appears to allow attaching a project to the studio I have created. I would think the "Publish to Gallery" button would allow that, but the page it sends me to (where I can type the project description, credits, etc) doesn't have any UI element to specify a studio.
Is anyone working on a suitable UI for that operation?

I can create a studio, and each of my uploaded apps can be added to that studio (there are links and buttons for all of this). However, newly added apps added to the studio do not appear in the studio when following the link. Older added apps do appear.

Login into the Gallery
Click Account Information
Add a new studio (or edit existing)

Sorry, the UI could be better...

Once you upload an App to the Gallery, you can view it (Your Apps link). For each app there should be an "Add Project to Studio" link in the description.


TIM: Make sure the Apps you recently added had the "Check if you want your app to be findable with a search: " box checked.


It will only show if searchable ? In the studio or over the whole gallery?
Are items added to a studio still available in the main gallery ?

So in order to be seen in a Studio, an App must be searchable. I'm thinking about changing this though...

All apps can be found from their permanent link, but only searchable apps appear anyplace publicly.

Thank you @jis for the pointers. I agree that a lot of the current UI dealing with the Gallery and Studios leaves much to be desired ...
Particularly unclear/inconsistent bits:
A. In the "Publish to Gallery" page (where the description, credits, etc are filled-in), the checkbox at the bottom only mentions "... be findable with a search", not anything about being able to add it to a studio.
B. In the Gallery, when I view my own apps (by clicking the "Your Apps" link), the app pane does not indicate whether it was shared privately or semi-publicly (i.e. whether that box was checked). In either case, there's a link "Add Project to Studio".
C. Clicking the "Add Project to Studio" link goes to a page that asks to input an "Add Code" for the studio (regardless of whether the app was published privately or semi-publicly). My "Account Information" page lists my studio properties with an "Access Code", not an "Add Code" (though I suppose that's close enough for most people to figure out). Then clicking the "Add to Studio" button does not report success or failure, it just returns to the Gallery view.
D. In the Gallery view of a published project, the links "Update App Information" and "Remove App from Gallery" go to pages that lack a "Cancel" button (each of those pages offers only a "Submit" button). Of course the user can cancel via the browser go-back button (or closing the tab), but this violates current general UI conventions.

To make the Studio functionality really useful: in addition to fixing the above unclear/inconsistent elements, it should be possible for a user to add a privately-published (i.e. not searchable) project to a studio; that would enable a small community (such as a class) of young students to easily share app projects with each other, without making them visible to the entire App Inventor user base.

Hey guys, how could I set up a Studio? may be there are other posts I could take a look at?

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