Assign hex values for multiple bytes

Is there some options to set values(hex) for bytes? same as text on textbox?
I would like to built the app where i can set values for 4 bytes within the application. I dont want to give the fixed values for .sendbytes-->make a list block. I tried to use textbox with "NumbersOnly" and fill up the textbox field with numbers and set those values on other text field.. only the fixed values were ok but first byte filled with textbox was just some webpage link to appinventor??

show us?

I have allready used the other way.. i set the fixed values for those 4 bytes.. But i will built it again immerdiately when i have time and then i will post it here. Thanks!

By the way, the application is remote control for vehicle functions and there is going to be many devices with same functions and i would like to pair the app and receiver with those 4 bytes, which are straight from serial number of receiver.. in this case i just need to reprogram the receivers and use exatly same app for every application, just set the right values for those bytes and connection is allowed.

You want the .Text values of those 4 components, not the component blocks.

Thanks! Now this problem is solved.. But then i faced the new one. The Dinydb. storevalue Block seems that it doesnt save the data.

I have the text fields for filling up those byte values and "save bytes" button i want to save them. But after i close the app and open it again, those byte values are not anymore on this dataframe(just zeros) , which i need to send forward to activate the data transmission between control system and app..

Iam new with this app inventor... :grinning: Sorry!

Screen1.Initialize is the place to reload the display from the database.

THX!! Now it is working!