Asking to have suggestions on how to organize an app using a DB which content may vary

Hello guys, I wrote an app that originally used a TinyDB where the index was an integer (the app acquires the content of QR codes) and the corresponding data a link to a file stored in a web server, it may be a text to be read or a video and so on. Now, I need to modify the app to work without any wifi, data or internet connection. So, I need to store locally the files originally stored in the web server and modify the links in the DB to manage the files locally. The app, its code, is always the same but the content of the DB and the files linked to it may change depending by the location. The original app was designed for art galleries and museums, the modified one for archeological sites that normally are in wild areas without wifi or mobile networks. So, the app is always the same. I am thinking how to install the files and the DB independently. Is it possible to design an APK just to install the DB and the files? And where may I save them considering they may be text or multimedia files?