Asking some help to create my car controller

hello, my friends. I recently start using MIT APP inventor to create my car controller. Here I have two questions. I have uploaded the aia and that will help you guys to understand my design well. One steering wheel is to control the direction of the car (the steering wheel spins itself when you touch it from left to right) and the foot pedal is to control the car moving forward or backward (I put a ball there and want it to be slid from down to up to simulate the car acceleration). But I'm stuck on here and have no idea how to make it come true. thank you guys for your help. and tips will a big help!
UCCApp.aia (1.6 MB)

I don't see much controlling going on in your app, and I don't see any .ino for the other end of the BlueTooth link.

I suggest searching the IOT and Tutorials sections and the rest of this board for examples.

Hi, mate. I haven’t put much functions in the App as I’m still struggling to how to make the steering wheel works. I want it to work like a real car one to control the direction of the car. And the foot pedal to turn the DC motor on with acceleration effect on when you push up. Both of them I want to send PWM.

You have two separate problems to solve:

  • How to signal your car, and
  • how to make the controls look nice.

Don't waste time on the second problem until you have solved the first problem.

Use some buttons to signal your car until it responds properly to your signals.
Once you have signalling working, if you have time left, replace your buttons with a fancier interface.

Otherwise, you might find yourself out of time with a car that has never moved an inch.

Hi, friend. I recently just did some for this project. and I could receive some values from Arduino, but also some strange values that I wish not. I have no idea why this happens. I have explored as much information in the community as I can. thank you for your help. really appreciate!

my control.aia (1.6 MB)