Asking about two possibilities in app inventor!

Hi, I just wanna begin my app creating project:
Q1. Is it possible to record a voice and put it in the app?
Q2. can we put videos in the app?

What do you mean?

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Q2. I want to put some videos who have some texts. so i want to explain the text in the videos after showing them of course.
thnx for your first answer.

Are you planning to include them in the .apk?
If so how large are they?

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actually yes.
They are as long as the text below.
i want the texts can be heard. so i want to put audios files for each text.

Iā€™m confused now.
Are you useing a photo and audio or a video?
How many Megabytes?

there are two things that i want to do:

  1. put videos and add subtitles in videos.
  2. make some texts audible.
    thank you