Asking about access to photo/media/files and storage related publish app to play store

I am trying to publish my app to play store and right now waiting closed testing complete.
I just realized when user try to install app for testing user got message as the following screenshot which informing this app has access to Photo/Media/Files and Storage for read, modify and delete.

Just want to know is this message coming from google itself because google detect my app may doing read/modify/delete on Photo/Media/Files and Storage or I might my self did that settings on google app console?
As information my app use AI components including File and Sharing and also use some extensions including SimpleSqlite and TableViewer that may expose possibility to modify and delete files in storage on user phone.
And from the code only this block did writing to user phone device as the following block code.

Please help to advice on this.


Hello Asri

That looks like an Android message - what permissions do you ask for in your App?

My app does not ask any permission.

But it apparently does that without the permission being explicitly requested manually via blocks. However, the fact that storage permissions are requested again at install-time after Android 6 would also be news to me.

Android version of your test device (Samsung Galaxy Note 20 Ultra)?

Yes the test device is Samsung Galaxy Note 20 Ultra and also Oppo Reno 11 5G.
I suspect the permission requested automatically by one or more AI extensions that I am using.

Upload the APK to Google Drive and post the link (or send it to me via PM).

I don't get any permission request at install-time, neither on Android 13 nor 14.
(Google Pixel 4XL, Pixel 7 Pro)

Btw, your screenshot doesn't look like one from a mobile phone. (Post the complete screenshot.)

Hi Anke,

I am sorry I already resent the apk file link to your PM.
Please check it.

I already did...

It is a screenshot from Google Play before installing the app

Google Play lists all possibilities your app has according to the permissions detected from the manifest


I've never seen a message like this on any of my many test devices (at least not since Android 6).

Storage permissions (like all dangerous permissions) are run-time permissions since Android 6.

It is a screenshot from Google Play on a computer
There you can click install and choose one of your devices to install the app


Ah ok, that's why I asked to post a complete screenshot. But where is the problem then?

Thanks for your detail explanation.
Actually there is no specific problem which I only a little bit afraid about the message that might make user worry to install the app when he/she read that message before to install the app.

The question is whether this permission is actually needed and which component and/or extension requests it. You could then remove it from the Manifest if necessary.