Asd file from Gd to sd

I have a text file items.txt inside google drive and this file is always every day it is deleted and a new file is downloaded with the same name items.txt how do I download it to the phone files via ASD Download and it is replaced from the phone every download.

Show your blocks.

Why download a file, when you can just fetch the data?

The file changes from 2 to 3 times a day, and this block brought me to the useful one, but I face a problem when I delete it and renew it for the file, it sends me the old file.

If you are adding a new file on google drive each time you change it, the file ID will change each time. You need to edit the existing file.

You can "update" an existing file in Google Drive using the "Manage Versions" option when you right click on a file

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I do the impossible in order to download the file to a path other than Download and this solves the problem because when downloading the file it goes into the download folder and this is a problem when reading from it Android 11 I just want the file to be downloaded to a path other than download Example: test folder

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