ASD (app specific directory) vs Private folder

It's not very clear for me the difference, can you explain me ?

The ASD is in the → external storage, the Private dir is in the → internal storage.
See also here:

Thank you, if I understand correctly only ASD will be accessible in the future

No, the Private directory can also be accessed when AI2 targets API 30:

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You said me in this thread android.permission.WRITE_EXTERNAL_STORAGE doesn't function anymore

Yes, this is still possible so far, but no longer if AI2 targets Android 11 (API 30),
→ by the end of 2021 at the latest.

Why ?

I'm trying to save in the private dir, then load from it without success

Also this does not work

The Canvas cannot write (save) to the Private dir (only the File component).
The Image component cannot either.

Btw, file:///
not File:///

I'm sure Canvas can write to the Private dir, this block works well

but I don't know how to get image from Private dir

No, it saves the file in the root dir of the external storage for devices with API < 29, else to the root dir of the ASD.

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As always you are right, I can save image and get saved image with

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