Arrondir à 2 chiffres après la virgule? (Round to 2 decimal places?)

je connais la brique Liste: arrondi
mais comment on fait pour qu'un sensor n'affichent que 2 chiffres après la virgule.

This block (in Maths)


The sensor's output format is determined upstream, in the sketch.
How is the value formatted and sent from there?

@ABG was that meant for this topic ?

upstream ? where ?

Thank you

not easy to connect ?

You do not need to use the round block as well

I assumed the sensor was on a device like an Arduino.
Working cross language, all bets are off.

More Babel: How many decimal places for Screen Orientation?

I have caught up now :wink:


indeed, I would like to use an arduino but why buy sensors to connect them to the arduino when you already have these sensors on your android ... I think it is possible to transfer this data via the serial usb port of the android?