Arrangement backgroundcolor not working with image?


In in my project i made canvasses with empty (transparent) backgroundimage. If i change the color of the canvas background it is works fine. After i drawn to the canvas. No problem. I also changed the canvas backgroundimage in app worktime, but that clear the canvas and i have to redraw that it was on it. To avoid that i thouth i put the image on an arrangement and put the cancas on it. That way if i change the arrangement imag the canvas remains intact,
BUT i found out the arrangement works differently from the canvas , because if i put an image to the arragement, no matter if it is empy (transparent) i dont see the backgroundcolor . If it transparent it shows the color of the upper arrangement or the screen color if no more arrangement.

I think it is a BUG, so i report it. If it is not, then it is strange and disappointing behaviour.

Amyway i think i have to go back to my first version and redraw the canvasses all time i change their backgroundimage unless there is a way to see the arrangement backgroundcolow with image on them.
Any idea about that?

arrangbckcolor_test.aia (3.7 KB)
Here is an aia test file. The vertical arrangement color is green, i put on it a horizontal arrangement, and a canvas. Both have the same image, a transparent image with a frame. Both have backgroundcolor blue.
The canvas shows its own backgroundcolor (blue) but the horizontal arrangement shows the color of the vertical arrangement (green).

Put the horizontal arrangement inside another horizontal arrangement and set that colour to blue, setting the first to none, with the image.Should work as expected then ?

Same issue applies to button with an image with transparency - no colour is shown.

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Nice. That means i have to make an other list from 150 arrangements. :frowning_face:
I will try it, thank you.

Ok. Looks like it works.

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