Arrange items in viewlist

Hi Community,
After I deleted a selected item of a viewlist, how can I arrange the items in order automatically? As last picture, the items 1,2,3 instead of 1,3,4.


You could work this way


Hi Dora, thanks, it works, i deeply appreciate for your rapid reply and helpful!

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Hi Dora, excuse me, your solution is ok for the items without numbers in the front, how about if there is item number in front of the name, as my example : 1/ dog, 2/ cat.....? Sorry for my foolish !

Why you want put number in front of the name?

Hi Patel, thanks for your reply!
Because i have to classify and record each game played, so have to put number at the beginning of each item, as picture below. For my example, i have played 6 games, i record down after each game played, and later found that game #04 was wrong inputted, so have to delete the item.


It can be achieved but I believe it is easier the first way


How do you create your list ? Post a screenshot in order to find best solution


Hi Dora, sorry for my late reply! Your solution works, and that is what i want. And i will create new list with your method next time. In fact, my question is more complicate, i just made it as simple as i can for understanding, so it's very hard to post here. And i think i can solve it with your solution you gave me.
Many thanks again for your helps.

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