ARM Support for MIT App Inventor Source

Hello everybody, apple recently announced its Apple Slilcon Macs, which they will be switching to ARM CPU on macOS instead of X86, so I would like to ask, is it technically possible to add ARM support to MIT App Inventor source ? Are we going to see MIT App Inventor running on the new ARM Macs or other ARM devices like Raspberry Pi, ARM Server, etc?

Since not only apple's coming Macs using ARM, Raspberry Pi has announced 8gb ram to the Pi 4, I think it would be powerful enough for running the app inventor source ? and I think hosting the app inventor / build server on an ARM server might be a cheaper way ?

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We'll likely add it once the Android SDK provides updated binaries needed for the buildserver and after we actually have an ARM based Mac here that will require it.

Yes, this is feasible. I've made what I call "App Inventor in a Box" that is a RPi 3 Model B that sets itself up as a wifi hotspot and runs a copy of the App Inventor dev server + buildserver + CloudDB + rendezvous. People can connect to it and do everything they would normally do with App Inventor, and it doesn't even need to connect to the network to do so. We take it with us to workshops as a backup in case the Internet setup isn't great at the location.


Hello @ewpatton, would it be possible to publish an image file (.img) of your "App Inventor in a Box" (App Inventor dev server + buildserver + CloudDB + rendezvous) so that we could load it on a Raspberry Pi?

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I can't publish the version as is because it contains the same secrets as the production version of App Inventor so that projects made with it will work on the real App Inventor when exported. We could potentially publish a version that is usable by the community.


An image file with a Community version would be very interesting.


Thanks for the reply ! Nice to hear that !