Argument is neither class nor type?

In an app that is now too big to share here, I made some changes and now get this error message on making the connection to the ai2 companion: "Argument is neither Class nor Type." I get no indication as to where the problem may be, and would like to avoid having to go through the entire code and attempting trial and error. Any thoughts on why this error occurs, and if there is some way to localize it?

Could you please try and debug to find from where the issue is coming?
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thanks for that, Nishyanth. I am hoping that there is some way to localize the fault, e.g. in which function the error occurred. In the absence of that, I will have to read the entire code. App Inventor really fails when it comes to providing debugging information. Or is there some debugger that I can use?

I was able to solve the problem by upgrading the companion. Sorry for this

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