Are there any example in using the ScrollArrangementHandlers from CollinTree?

I tried another approach with my sql result to display it (which is larger than the smartphone display) and I found the Extension from CollinTree called ScrollArrangementHandlers. But it does not work till now...
I am looking for examples how to use the stuff...

Are you quite sure that the global result variable will contain results from your SQL Select immediately?

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Probably you have not registered the vertical scroll arrangement.

the result is blank (using the do-it check), but I get a display of a part of the selected cell, which stuck

what do you mean by registering?

Your displaytable routine should never be called in the procedure that issues the runquery.
The results are not yet available.

Only call displaytable in the event that receives Web1 Text.

Thank you ABG, I changed the blocks:

Procedure SQLDisplay _2

But the result is blank after input of a select keyword. I tried changing global result with responseContent. Then it works after entering the keyword with the number of recipes and list of recipes. When I continue with the number of a recipe, the select results in a blank response. If I use responseContent in both slots under the code 200, I get one of it with a warning x

If you decide to feed the display from the global variable result in all cases, you had better be sure that global result has your data in all cases.
Assign it immediately, before any tests.
You have discovered that responseContent evaporates the moment you leave itd parent event.

I assigned the global result with the responseContent and used 3 times the global result to feed the display. It functions, as long as the cells for ingredients (Zutat) and procedure (Zuber) are not larger than the display. Otherwise they stuck, no scrolling. So we are at the point: How do I get the scrolling work?? vknow360 mentioned something of a registration. What does this mean?

He probably means using the "Call .RegisterScrollView" prior to use it:

VSA1 being your VerticalScrollArrangement Id.