Are the servers down today? ( March 19th )

Are the mit app inventor servers down today? I can't login for more than 1 or 2 minutes before getting sent back

Seems to be working OK here on the main ai2 server. Is this the one you are using ?

Is this a disconnection from the companion app ? I am seeing that !

Well both to be honest, whenever I click create apps now it just tells me: this site can't be reached
And the companion app doesn't seem to want to load any extensions at all. My internet connection is pretty stable and good and I have even tried to clear the browser cache

We've got the weekend. The servers are more heavily loaded than usual. The best time to build an app is weekdays.

That's bad, I've got a project due tomorrow (weekend here ends at Saturday), but for some reason I asked a few friends of mine and some said that they had no issues with the servers, and others had the same problem

So try to build the apk every now and then. At some point it will succeed.

I cant even enter the website, I've been trying to do so for the past 2 hours, I even bought mobile data from another provider and it doesn't seem to work

And that's weird. Because sometimes when the servers are overloaded there is a problem with compilation... but the lack of access to the website is a more serious problem.

The main server is fine and very fast from Texas.

I suspect you are experiencing difficulty with your Internet provider service.

Check your download speed
You might try using a different browser. Perhaps Firefox rather than Chrome.

Also you can check Use Legacy on your Companion screen

and see if that makes a difference.

What browser are you using?

Are you getting Internet service through your phone?

I've got a router, but because I couldn't load into the mit app inventor I bought mobile data. But the issue seems to have gone away now, I can connect on both router wifi, and mobile data.

Chrome, but the issue seems to have resolved itself, as I can now both load into the app inventor, but I don't know why it was off the entire afternoon and evening

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