Are my AI2 Project folders Leaking?

I am posting a snapshot of my folder of chess Projects, for comparison tomorrow morning. I need proof that this folder keeps leaking Projects back into my loose project list...


Nope, they are still there.

It might be a Heisenbug.

I'll keep this thread open while I continue work on my app, in case working on the app leaks it.

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I wonder if the folders leak during inserts.

Here's some filing I did just now, for later reference.
sample folders run
sample folders run 2

Ok, so you have observed projects that you placed into folders turning back up at the global level? Do I understand correctly?

Sadly, I don't doubt you're right. The folders feature has been deceptively difficult. The edge cases have edge cases.

I unfortunately don't have proof yet.

It's either that, or my memory is failing.

That's why I am collecting historical evidence.

I don't have indictable evidence yet.

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Thanks for investigating. I'll keep an eye on this thread.

(just collecting projects, no evidence of failure yet.)