Arduino opening with the voice by MIT app inventor

I have to do a project where I can controll a servo by voice. For example, I say "open" it should turn to 180 angle. When I connect my app with Arduino, I have an error "Error 516:Unable to write:Broken pipe"
Please, Help! I need to download this project in 3 days. pic (blocks)

Hello Ziya

We cannot read your blocks, the image is not clear. Load your Blocks directly onto this Forum Post. To create an image we can actually read, right-mouse-click in the Blocks work area and select "download blocks as image"

App Inventor

Forum Post

Hi Chris,
I've been able to get the blocks, and I've posted them here below.
They seem to be readable, but this is only one half (maybe less) of the problem.


Hi Ziya
First: are you using an HC06 ? If you use an HC05 please be aware that it shall be set as client and not server (the HC05 can be set as server).
Second: is the Arduino shield a BLE one ? If yes please take care that also your device, where you run the app, be capable to connect a BLE.
On which pins do you connect the BT shield ? (It depends if you use a UNO or a MEGA or other Arduino boards)
As another suggestion, please try to take a look to this page:
It seems that they have had the same problem.
Maybe it can help.
Good luck !

This forum search shows what others have experienced with Error 516:

On my website is a code snippet using the error catcher Block - if you add it to your code, it may help to find the cause of the issue.

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Your Blocks image is not produced by App Inventor so I cannot zoom to full size.
We need to see all of your Blocks anyway.

  1. It is worthwhile seeing your Arduino Sketch too, which you can attach as a .txt file (.ino not accepted by the Forum).
  2. How about posting your App Inventor Project? (.aia). There could be something fundamentally wrong which we cannot see from the Blocks image.
  3. What is the exact model of your Arduino?
  4. What is the exact Bluetooth package you are using?
  5. What is the make and model of the servo you are using?

Also, there is a known cause of Error 516: insufficient power. See this post - scroll down to the end:

The servo motor needed it's own power supply, the Arduino supply was insufficient.
Also observing that Post, note that the servo most likely should be connected to a PWM pin (Pulse Width Modulation).

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Hi Chris,
I completely agree with your analysis. In effect (software bugs apart) the Arduino thread that I've posted begins by suggesting to check the BT interface (pins/ library) the Servo drivers, etc. but, at the very end, it was a power supply issue.
Let's see what Ziya will find... :face_with_monocle:
Cheers, Ugo