Arduino Bluetooth flying wing

I an trying to make an arduino controlled flying wing and a joystick app to control the plane but the app is not working as expected and not moving the right joystick plus the left one is all over the place. Please help me.wing_.aia (857.3 KB)

To properly answer this question would also require the Arduino code .ino file.
Please upload it here.

This is the link to the arduino forum directly to the ino file.

Hello bob, welcome to the forum.

I looked at your blocks and your Arduino sketch.

Have you tested if the Arduino is receiving the correct data by sending them to the IDE monitor?

I have installed your app and connected to my HC-05 Bluetooth module. It behaves for me as you described.

The right joystick does not respond. The left one does respond but not correctly. I can get good control of the left joystick by moving my finger around the right joystick. Might be some simple mistake you have made in your blocks.

No point in worrying about the Arduino sketch at this stage. When you get the joystick control under control, then see what data is received by the Arduino by sending it to the IDE monitor.

What model of Arduino board are you using?

If I do not Connect to BT, I have perfect control of the left joystick -- but by moving the RIGHT joystick. Some simple mistake there, I expect.

When connected to BT the movement is lagging and jerky. I would concentrate on getting the joystick control correct WITHOUT sending data to BT or receiving data from the BT.

When you have that under control then is the correct time to test the BT comms with the Arduino.


Am using an arduino Uno r3 and I also have trouble with making the elevon control for the servos

Hi Mayinja

Best not to collect Device Addresses in the Screen Initialize Block - either use a button event or a one-off clock timer.

Speaking of which, you have a clock timer running constantly but the Sketch is not sending anything to the App?

In the ImageSprite2 Blocks you are moving ImageSprite1 ?

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Ohh sorry about that I have seen that thanks so much now let me figure out the rest and see.
But thanks so far for the support this is quite reputable.

Well I have corrected that the arduino code works but when I try to connect to the BT module it shows it has connected ( blinks slowly) but the app shows 'failed'. I don't really understand what the problem is now and it also after some time closes down but before that none of the sticks moves when dragged.

Progress so far........