Arabic Language Support

Greetings to all
I am new here.
I was trying to write Talk To ME app in Arabic. When I write the text in Arabic, I couldn't find an option for Right to Left (RTL) text direction.
Also when I ran the app, which contains Arabic text, it did not play the text to speech text.
When I try to select the country option in the text box, I couldn't find an option for Arabic language or Arabic country.

Any suggestion, in how to add Arabic language or Arabic country to the App.

Thanks in advance.

Hello Ibrahim

How did you even get Arabic to display? Have you installed an Arabic font?

Long shot, but Taifun's extension might help you:

That still leaves a critical issue - right to left input. That will require a new extension or upgrade of App Inventor. You might like to ask one of the extension developers about that. Taifun is one of the most famous.

We have right-to-left language support for the designer in testing right now. I have not personally tested right-to-left languages in the device, but we'll need to support both.

However text-to-speech does not support Arabic at this time. I don't know if our current implementation has the capability of adding Arabic.

You need to select your language in the component properties in the designer when you build your app. You'll see that the only options are German, English, Spanish, French, and Italian.

That's not a lot of options when it comes to language diversity. That's unfortunate.

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