Apps used in China

I am working with an English teacher from Shunde Technical College in China. We are trying to develop an app for his students to learn mechatronics vocabulary. We expect to have a list of about 100 - 200 words.

I thought it would be interesting to use speech-to-text to let students experiment with pronunciation. Invoking that in a trial apk in China bombed the app with the attached message.

Also, I tried to use text-to-speech set for a slowish, maleish voice with an American accent. My Chinese friend described the sound as "eerie." The English has a Chinese accent! I uploaded an example as an mp4 file.

I would welcome any suggestions

runtime error

I once tried text to speech using a web site (now closed) of word pronunciations:

For low usage, you might be able to mooch off a web dictionary site, until they catch on and limit you.

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Thanks for the response. I've found that things related to Google mostly don't function in China.

I took the cowards way out and have removed the speech-to-text function from the app. Also, I had hoped to use text-to-speech to save space, but will replace that with mp3 files at the minimum sample rate, etc. to sustain clarity. (Using Audacity, of course)

Another thought is that there is an App Inventor website in China here...
To use it I would need a QQ email. I might try this. Google translate seems to mostly convert the Chinese characters to English so I could try sending my aia files there to see what happens.