Apps getting mixed up

I have saved a modified app under a temporarily name, and then consigned an old version of it to Trash (and deleted it from there). Then I renamed the temporary one to the old name (but the app itself is much modified). Now when I build an APK, the system builds my old app and not the new!

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Describe step by step how this was done, especially renaming the new version to the old one.

  1. I have saved a modified app under a temporarily name (e.g. → myApp_temp.aia)
  2. ...
  3. ...

Did you save (export) both versions (AIAs) to your PC?

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Also have you been running more than one instance/session of MIT App Inventor in your browser?

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Thanks both. Can't remember the exact sequence now (beyond my prior description), and I may well have had two instances open. But I now have only one up to date app on my screen (having sent the others to Trash and also deleted from there), and I am building from that. The apk file has the right date. But when sent to my phone as a trial it is an out of date version. Perhaps just suggest how I can arrange to build correct up to date version.

What about that question?

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Neither. And BTW, the app as heard on a smartphone has just part of the new version. Ie part of the procedure set by the block logic but not the screen design!

Hello Alan - having deleted the original Project, the current Project produces an APK which is the same name as before? If so, on install, did your phone's installer ask if you wanted to update the existing App? If it didn't, it's possible you have two versions of the App on your phone and are launching the earlier version. It is worth going through the phone's App List and deleting your App entirely from there, making sure there are not two instances listed (plus any other Apps you don't use!).

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Great idea, but I did Uninstall the old app first!

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So you don't have an aia of the old app (version), just the new aia? Correct?

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Check your Apps List with a fine tooth comb anyway...........

........... and upload your .aia here for us to perform a forensic on the background files. You have some of the symptoms of a "Project in Project" issue.

next time you might want to setup some kind of backup strategy...
see also MIT App Inventor 2 Tips – TWO DOG APPS


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Thanks all. I have not lost any files but the aia tip is taken anyway. I believe what might have happened is connected with the fact that I used the same name for the new project (although it was after changing the old name!). I will start afresh with a completely new name, using 'save as', and see if that fixes it.

Let us know one way or the other.

Ensure you rename both Project Name and also the App Name (in Screen1 Properties Palette).

OK. I had not changed the App Name in the Screen pallette. Now the correct updated app works BUT it still downloads as the original name, and the app icon on the smartphone home screen has the old label. Any other ideas?

OK Chris. Working correctly and with right Icon name now! Not sure what I did wrong last time but as you say the app name in Screen pallette has to match the Project name. That's where I went wrong!

Thanks to all who assisted.

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